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Sunscreens or Bioclimatic Pergolas: Fixed or Mobile Blades

The sunshade is a very scenic structure that has an impact for its ability to modulate sunlight, thus creating light effects/ shadow highly suggestive.

The bioclimatic pergolas with slats therefore represent a excellent solution for protecting outdoor areas from water, wind and sun and offering additional spaces to your home that were not used much before.

The covers essentially consist of adjustable slats insulated that can only be rotated or even collected automatically (based on the model chosen), thus allowing you to adjust the level of coverage, ventilation and solar lighting of the rooms, so you can enjoy them in complete freedom and relaxation. They can also be equipped with an integrated LED lighting system in the structure.

The sunscreen system has essential and modern lines, modular in size and suitable for various installation methods: leaning, self-supporting, cantilevered or in a niche.

This product ensures good resistance to atmospheric agents, especially wind and water.

Gazebo: An Oasis of Peace for Your Garden

The gazebo is a self-supporting structure often used to create an island structurally independent from the building, which can provide shelter from the sun and, sometimes, even from the water.

The gazebo, in private environments, is often used in the poolside area, to create a useful and welcoming place to eat, a gym or a car shelter/ motorcycle.

Choosing a gazebo in a commercial setting sometimes allows the use of rougher materials to be used as car/motorcycle cover space, deposit of materials, place for display of goods or warehouse.

When the gazebo is built to offer a space intended for hospitality, such as for example a catering room, requires more valuable finishes and materials suitable for its use.

The aesthetics of the gazebo can vary according to the materials. There are products made in wood, in iron (often only galvanized without the finishing varnish), and there are very accurate products enriched with various optionals such as friezes, materials that embellish, modern or more classic lines with friezes and wrought iron tips, curtains furniture with anti-mould fabrics ideal for outdoor use, side closures with sunscreens or carved sheet metal and anchoring pots for all those situations where fixing to the ground is not possible.

The gazebo models can vary between the classic < /span>shapes cone, pagoda, sloping up to the most modern models that are flat. Gazebo covers are often made in heavy PVC, but there are also models with roof heating and integrated lights or in laminated wood.< /span>

The side closures of the gazebos are with pvc curtains (also with sound-absorbing fabric), cristal pvc, but also with vertical blinds, glass , sunscreens or classic curtains with anti-mould technical fabrics for outdoor use, laser-cut metal sheets, etc. Among the Optionals of the Gazebos it is possible to choose lighting spotlights, infrared heating stoves or coolers.

Large gazebo

They are structures with a square or rectangular base equipped with a cover pre-stretched like a spire resting on perimeter uprights placed at the corners. Thanks to their modularity they can be combined to form complex and large surfaces. Single module (maximum size) 15×15 m I sides can be covered with a fixed or sliding PVC tarpaulin on special tracks, in which windows can be created with transparent cristal PVC. In the gazebo category, the retractable gazebo is of particular interest for commercial use, suitable for being installed and transported quickly.

Parasols: Your Relaxation in the Shade


The umbrella is a shading structure ideal for gardens, terraces and wherever you want to create a corner protected from the sun to relax and enjoy the reading a good book or taking a dip in the pool or jacuzzi.

The original design of the umbrella features a central pole, this model has been added over time several more modern types which solve practical and aesthetic problems at the same time.

Among the new umbrella models we find the very comfortable side pole umbrellas which can also be retractable and hanging, can be modular or even have 2 or 4 umbrellas for a rectangular cover that can reach a coverage of up to 700×700) on a single pole.

The more modern versions of umbrellas look like awnings, resting on 2 side poles, they can be opened with automatic movement and the cloth it slides laterally (also providing a bag of fabric protection when closed, among the optionals). This product can be modular and includes integrated lighting.

Modern umbrellas can be chosen between the classic version in wood rather than in aluminum. Wide choice of ballast bases and related plate covers, ground or sand fixing posts.


The fabrics:

  • Mass-dyed acrylic: for umbrellas you can choose from multiple colors of mass-dyed acrylic, designed to for use in the open air, the acrylic fabric resists salt or chlorinated water and any other type of bad weather. The colors do not fade and remain unchanged for a long time. A special treatment makes it water-repellent, resistant to mold and protects it from stains. This type of fabric resists all external conditions and lives all year round in a garden, on a terrace, by the edge of a swimming pool or on the deck of a boat,UPF 50+ (UV Protection Factor) 280 gr/m2 .
  • Micro-perforated: Another frequently used type of fabric is micro-perforated fabric, which allows natural air circulation and excellent wind resistance while generating a pleasant shade. With the umbrella covered by the micro-perforated fabric, a certain optical effect is obtained with a modern design aesthetic. The composition of the fiber with “Precontraint” technology guarantees exceptional resistance to tearing, ultraviolet rays and mould. 410 gr/m2.


  • Airfimm: Some types of umbrellas can mount the fabric called Airfimm, waterproof< /b> which guarantees total protection from the rain which does not pass not even from the seams. An anti-stain treatment helps ensure greater resistance to dirt. Regular washing with neutral detergent ensures long life. UPF 80 (UV Protection Factor) 190 gr/m2.

Shelters: Protection and Elegance


The shelter is a canopy protruding from a wall or isolated and resting on columns with the function of sheltering things and people from the rain and the sun.

The shelters are not only used to protect against atmospheric agents, but are rather works capable of making the facade more sophisticated and elegant of a house or an office building, or the entrance to a commercial activity.

Shelters with slats

The sunscreen system with adjustable slats, with great charm and ability to modulate the light, and the possibility of protect from water offers the possibility of a canopy of great aesthetic impact for all those situations where the choice of more important products with a great scenic effect is preferred. The annoying encumbrance of the front support columns is also eliminated with the sunshade canopy.

It is possible to provide integrated lighting to give the customer the possibility, even in the darkest hours, to illuminate an entrance door or a French window.

Canopies with retractable pvc

are structures that do not have the bulk of the front columns and which offer protection from the sun and water with the canvas open, allowing, with the canvas packed, possibility of illuminating the internal areas of the premises. Anchoring to the wall takes place by means of design brackets or steel tie rods.

Canopies with fixed pvc

The shelters with fixed PVC can be handmade products made to measure and based on a design agreed with the customer. The structure is in aluminum where the fabric chosen by the customer (also sound-absorbing) is placed, in perfect tension. Among the creations, the shelters with micro-perforated fabric are those with the highest aesthetic impact. Thanks to the type of fabric used, the light is modulated, visibility is maintained and ventilation is guaranteed.

Crystal shelters

With a very low visual impact, they give the building a precious and modern feature. The crystal canopies are modular to reach important lengths.

The glass used is all accident-prevention, tempered, laminated and designed to support snow and wind loads.

The crystal canopies are fixed to the building with shelves or steel tie rods. Of great elegance, the all-glass model characterized by a minimalist design that is able to integrate perfectly into the facade that houses it, almost becoming an essential architectural element from it. This shelter is also available with LED lighting.

Glass canopies and awning

The glass canopy with integrated shading system is a product of excellent quality and design made by Stobag to obtain a product that goes beyond a simple shelter.

Stobag’s Ardon shelter offers complete protection from snow and rain. The telescopic extension mechanism, installed in the shade awning, ensures a ‘ample sun protection, while the glass used guarantees protection from rain and snow with loads up to 300 kg / m 2 .

Stobag’s crystal canopy includes among the optionals, the possibility of choosing the practical drain system water and LED lighting.

Size. Width: Minimum cm. 150, maximum cm. 500. Projection: Glass cm. 135, curtain up to cm. 230. Glass cm. 170, curtain up to cm. 325.

Polycarbonate collection

Galvanized steel arms of various designs from classic to liberty to linear modern – and painted in the 22 standard colors, 4 mm thick with adequate water outflow flaps. Polycarbonate cover compact 4 mm, transparent or opal. Many models of shelters are modular. Certified up to 200kg/m2.


Shade sails are among the most requested items for exclusive and elegant settings in gardens, terraces or squares.

The shade sails are covers with little impact, light and which harmonize well in the environment. The sails are easily placed and can modulate the inclination of their sides according to the needs of the sun exposure.

The areas to be covered are often made with overlapping sails, which create a magical effect with a hint of the Orient. The shade sails can be self-supporting or attached to 1 / 2 /3 /4 points of the building.
The use of technology and materials of nautical origin guarantee their resistance to atmospheric agents and wear. The different sail models vary between the fixed one and the motorized sail which can be opened or closed manually or thanks to sun/rain/wind sensors.
The shape of the sail whether triangular, trapezoidal, etc. depends on the aesthetic taste, the dimensions and shading needs.
Many optionals to choose from: the type of poles, the anchoring of the poles (depending on the ground where they are to be installed), the fabrics, including sound-absorbing ones, the colours, the lighting and sensors.

Tunnel: Unique and Customizable Aesthetics

Covers made with fixed or openable tunnels are often used in cases of dehors of restaurants, bars, hotels, but also to cover internal walkways of a condominium, shopping centers or fairs.

The tunnels have a singular aesthetic that in some cases can be customized. The basic structure can be in galvanized and powder-coated iron, or in cases of smaller dimensions, also in aluminium.

The surface cover can be fixed or openable. Among the fixed roofs we find the use of PVC (also sound-absorbing), compact or alveolar polycarbonate in various thicknesses.

The tunnels with mobile cover have the surface protected with heavy pvc. The product is modular both in length and in width.

Canopies: Classic and Elegant

Classic and elegant, the canopy awnings are models that can be adapted to various types of buildings and architectures.

The canopy awnings are used to cover windows of private houses but also commercial windows.

Depending on the model, the canopies can even reach six meters in width. As standard they have the rope control, but on request it is possible to have the winch or motorized control.

They are available in various models: base, compass, proportional, round, semi-round and radiused. The canopy awnings have a powder-coated aluminum structure with a chromatization process to better fix the paint to the surface.

This treatment protects the movement mechanisms of the fabric and allows them to resist rain and UV rays, as well as corrosion produced by aggressive agents.

The fabrics of the canopy awnings are available in lightweight polyester or acrylic both resistant to wear. The valance is available in various colors and designs and can be customized with logos and writings to meet the needs of commercial establishments.

Marquees: for Big Events and Big Spaces

The tensile structures are ideal for setting up large exhibition spaces, sports facilities and open spaces intended for events, i.e. works that do not require intermediate supports.

Tensile structures are structural systems whose elements are mainly subjected to tensile stresses. The production of wire ropes in harmonic steel and membranes in textile fiber coated with protective plastic material (PVC), has provided the possibility of having materials capable of withstanding considerable traction efforts.

This type of construction allows for the creation of slender and very light structures, easily adaptable to increasingly advanced architectural forms and capable of covering large spaces without the interposition of vertical support works.

In order to create stable structures, the surface of the membranes must necessarily have a double curvature, one convex and one concave.

From a purely mathematical point of view, the shape is a hyperbolic paraboloid that is appreciated above all in sail tensile structures.

The tensile structures owe their shape to a rigid frame, traditionally made of steel carpentry. However, interesting solutions are also obtained with laminated wood, and systems of ropes and tie rods in steel cavities.

Marquees: Reliable and Safe Roofing

Tendo-structures are defined as those structures having an independent load-bearing skeleton, with a flat roofing sheet and infill. The interior of the marquees is completely free.

Also the marquees are anchored to the ground in correspondence with the uprights. The classic type of marquee is a gabled structure (or “hut”), with a fixed flat roof, often equipped with lateral infill made up of white or colored closing canvases which can also be windowed (in transparent PVC), sliding and collapsible. Possible combinations of structures composed of a central part with two pitches, equipped with hexagonal, octagonal, dodecagonal apses. Arched marquees are structures with a segmented arch roof equipped with a fixed flat membrane and side infill that can be opened if necessary.

The basic structure is composed of several modular arches arranged parallel to each other. These structures were created to cover particularly large spans, but also to have higher structures at the ridge. There are also vaulted, trussed or single-slope lattice marquees. Also in this case the side walls can be closed with fixed or openable tarpaulins; windows can be created in the side infill panels and in the headers, with transparent tarpaulin.

False ceilings: Panels and Curtains with Sound-absorbing Fabrics

The needs of various buildings such as: gyms, multipurpose rooms, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools and all those buildings that welcome the public or are very exposed to noise, is solved by Favorini Tende, with the use of panels, false ceilings or curtains with an innovative fabric that is quick and easy to install.

The sound-absorbing fabric absorbs 65% of the noise, it lets 41% of the light through, as well as protecting against heat (-59%) and glare under skylights or with glazed facades. It can be combined with another sound-absorbing material.

Thin and light material with excellent sound absorption performance (decreases the reverb time up to 4 times); insensitive to humidity and chlorine, resistant to deformation, tearing, impact and abrasion (> 4t/ml); does not attract dust, is easy to clean, does not release fibers into the environment, 100% recyclable.

Following an survey with relief of measurements, Favorini Tende carries out a project, as per the design agreed with the client/architect, and then proceeds to the realization with the use of the material chosen in the coloring among the 8 colors available.